"Watering the West: A Water Western Starring the Cache la Poudre River" - Directed by Shari Due

RJ Wagner has been cast in this documentary produced by Shari Due and Mona Maser. "Watering the West: A Water Western Starring the Cache la Poudre River" is a film on the critical water issues facing the historic river that settled Northern Colorado and influenced the West, where water is more precious than gold. Look for this film to enter the festival circuit in late 2018.

RJ Cast in MENver directed by Marty Lindsey

RJ cast as Roger Rousch in Marty Lindsey's newest TV Pilot "MENver". Joe and Justin are two single guys fumbling their way through life trying to connect with a girl. It's not going great, not at all. It's bad. They desperately need help. Urban Dictionary: "MENver, A nickname for the city of Denver, because of the belief that men outnumber women drastically."

The Cylinder can now be viewed on Amazon Prime

The Time is now to rent L.J. Dougherty's Film "The Cylinder". Hidden from the public to keep their unlawful acts secret, a group of Fast-Draw artists know as The Cylinder hold an ongoing competition to determine who the six best live-ammo duelists in America are. This riveting movie has been two and a half years in the making and has an amazing cast of Denver Talent. For those wanting to see RJ in action, now is your chance. Rent The Cylinder tonight! You can also stay in touch by joining "The Cylinder" on Facebook.

RJ cast as Micah in Small Town Remedies directed by R.W. Perkins - Filming Begins August 2019

A quiet life can lead to excesses, and Small Town Remedies explorers them all. A future Colorado feature film...RJ has been cast in this amazing Colorado Film. Juteback Productions, Lea Marlene and Andrea Woodley Dratch are producing this engaging drama and plan to film the early part of August 2019. Crowdfunding for SMALL TOWN REMEDIES will begin in June. We hope we can count on your for your support for this amazing film that puts Family Funk in Dysfunctional. Follow SMALL TOWN REMEDIES on Facebook today for more information.

Sirens is getting quite the viewing on Amazon Prime

Logline: After losing her job as a nurse, Sarah now finds herself lost on a dark and dangerous path as her efforts to pay for her daughters operation by any means necessary begin to backfire. Sarah (played by Phyllis Spielman), the once promising ballerina in her youth, becomes entangled with a young gangster, a gruesome killer and an extravagant brothel as things begin to spiral out of control. Directed by Joey Spillane, this edgy short film by Beach Riot Films has completed its run in the Festival Circuit and is now ready for mass consumption. Rent it tonight on Amazon Prime. For more information and update, visit www.sirensshortfilm.com

Dylan Welter's film "THE UNDERCARD" Wins 4 Awards at the CFS Student Show last May 9th

"The Undercard" WINS Best Picture, Best Director (Dylan Welter), Best Cinematographer (Nick Bruso) and Best Actor (Dylan Welter). On May 9, 2017 "The Undercard" swept the Colorado Film Schools Spring Showcase. We are all proud of this amazing film and look forward to seeing it soon on the Festival Circuit. Stay tuned for more information. 

"Crash and Burn Stories" looking for distribution...

Juteback Productions Film "Crash and Burn Stories" has played to a few festivals and is now looking for distribution. The film is directed by R.W. Perkins. Crash and Burn Stories follows a young Alex Montgomery on a journey of self discovery. This emotional tale is one of laughter and tears as lives are changed and lessons are learned. RJ plays degenerate gambler Conway Edwards. The Film Stars: Conner Greenhalgh, Elena Rose Davis, RJ Wagner, Elizabeth Telling, Andrea Dratch and Penny Dockins. For more information, visit Crash and Burn Stories on Facebook.

"Two Secrets" is being written to be a Feature Film!

Directed by Charles Dye - An unbelievable true story. A powerful coming-of-age film with a shocking ending that challenges each of us to become the real person we keep hidden inside. Told in the kids-world style of "Stand By Me" and "Super 8." Charles Dye is completing the feature as we speak and is looking at some of the original cast for roles. Please visit www.twosecretsfilm.com for updated information.


Loste Films/D&O Studios, Inc. new Film..."TurnAround" has over 200,000 views on YouTube

RJ stars as Brian in this macabre film and will leave you looking over your shoulder. You can view this blood curdling short film on YouTube. Please take a look in our REELS and CLIPS section and leave us some feedback!

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