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"The Boardinghouse Reach" directed by Geoff Marslett and starring David Arquette, Lily Gladstone, Kiowa Gordon, Trieste Kelly Dunn is now in Post Production.                                                                                                                                        

RJ Wagner is looking forward to the release of the new live action animated feature film "The Boardinghouse Reach" scheduled to be released soon. Cast as Orvil Brown, RJ is humbled to act alongside seasoned professionals Lily Gladstone (Killers of the Flower Moon) and John Way (Sweet Sunshine). Award Winning director Geoff Marslett (The Phantom 52), had his most recent animated short starring Tom Skerritt debute at The Sundance Film Festival in 2019, Marslett takes the helm and creates magic once again. More details on this incredible live-action animated western to come.


From the same folks that brought you SHARKNADO, The Asylum brings you an epic MockBuster....APE vs MONSTER!!!! RJ plays the role of General Delaney and is directed by Daniel Lusko (Persecuted). The feature film also stars Iconic Actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Runaway Train, The Expendables), Arianna Scott, Katie Sereika and Shayne Hartigan. This action packed adventure is not one to miss. You can now watch this wild ride on VOD. 

BHR 1_edited.jpg
AvG set life (1).jpg

Behind the Yellow House - Coming Soon!
Stars Brendan Fehr, Jodi Lynn Thomas & Marie Wagenman

Based on true events, this story follows Maggie through her early years in the 1960's as she is introduced to her predetermined destiny. Produced by Brendan Fehr and Terry Futschik and Directed by Joel Vallie, this gritty Television Pilot is sure to be an eye opener to some of the evils in Maggie's world. RJ is looking forward to the release of this powerful story. Stay tuned!


RJ Cast in Two Colorado Lottery Spots

Covid didn't stop RJ as he was Cast in two separate spots for the Colorado Lottery. These two characters and commercials couldn't be farther apart from one another. In June of 2020 RJ was Ulysses S. Grant and then later that year, a crooning Lounge Lizard for a Christmas Lottery Spot. RJ wishes to thank the Colorado Lottery and his BFA in Music Theatre! 

To Thine Own self be true

Small Town Remedies directed by R.W. Perkins is scheduled to be released on Amazon Prime...

After completing the Festival Circuit, Small Town Remedies opened at the Lyric Theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado for a two week run in late August and is now ready for its release on many major streaming platforms. Amazon Prime will be one of the first of those platforms. Starring the incredible Sally Knudsen, Andrea Dratch & Ty Sells. This powerful look at addiction is coming to you on VOD like a freight train in late 2021.

A quiet life can lead to excesses, and Small Town Remedies explores them all. This Colorado feature film is filled with heart, emotions and enough raw comedy to keep you entertained and thinking. Juteback Productions, Lea Marlene and Andrea Woodley Dratch produced this engaging drama/comedy and plan to have it in the comfort of your home soon. The Filmmakers hope they can count on your support for this amazing film that puts the Funk in Dysfunctional. Follow SMALL TOWN REMEDIES on Facebook today for more information.

Faith Based Feature Film "Still Pitching" directed by Bill Rahn to be released in Late 2021 - RJ cast as Dr. Beldon

Based on true events, Rick Fisher, aka "The Fish", has always had a passion for the game of baseball. But baseball can't make up for the mental and physical abuse he endured as a child and later on as an adult. This gripping drama will tug at your heart strings and bring the reality of drug addiction and the passion of following your destiny in a heartwarming way. Through the grace of God, watch as "The Fish" battles his demons and changes his life.

Influenced by a Power Greater than Ourselves....

Still Pitching Set Pic 1.jpg

Web Series directed by Anthony Ngo - "Compromised" to be released in 2022 - RJ Cast as Carl

An unlikely alliance between police and organized crime pull a prominent lawyer, addict detective and an organized crime family into a destructive symbiosis. Tommy "Saturday Night" Siciliano is in a tough spot. Against his wishes, he was just put in charge of an organized crime family by the family consigliere. This "promotion" comes at a time when Denver Major Crimes is already about to prosecute their old boss who may be naming names. And worlds collide when Sal, one of his capos reveals that his daughter Sofia, and her best friend Jordan have gone missing. Jordan is the daughter of a prominent lawyer, and the niece of a Denver Major Crimes detective. The situation puts the law, and the mob on the same side of a race against time. Look for this action packed series in 2022!

MENver directed by Marty Lindsey looking to get released online...


RJ cast as Roger Rousch in Marty Lindsey's newest TV Pilot "MENver". Joe and Justin are two single guys fumbling their way through life trying to connect with a girl. It's not going great, not at all. It's bad. They desperately need help. Urban Dictionary: "MENver, A nickname for the city of Denver, because of the belief that men outnumber women drastically."


Corporate Gigs...RJ's Your Man!

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